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At Bakutis, McCully & Sawyer, P.C., we represent clients in complex marital property cases that involve difficult issues of marital property division, including questions concerning the characterization of particular assets as community or separate property. We advise clients in regard to and prepare prenuptial and/or postnuptial property agreements that address issues of characterizing income from separate property, whether or not a community property estate will be created during a marriage, homestead rights, and other statutory rights of a spouse under Texas law. For further information about our ability to protect your interests and help advance your objectives in a complex marital property case, contact an attorney at Bakutis, McCully & Sawyer, P.C.

We can help you with the following marital property issues:

  • Valuation of community property claims against separate property

  • Valuation and division of stock options, pension and retirement benefits, and other components of executive compensation packages

  • Disputes as to the separate or community property character of assets

  • Determination of the appreciated value of separate property during the marriage

  • Enforceability of prenuptial and/or postnuptial agreements

  • Review of the other spouse's financial and property disclosures for completeness and accuracy

When necessary, we can go to court to protect your interests through injunctive relief when it appears that family business operations, real estate holdings, or other assets are being wrongfully claimed.

Contact us in Fort Worth for additional information about our ability to represent you in complex marital property proceedings.

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