Fort Worth Oil and Gas Estate Attorneys

At Bakutis, McCully & Sawyer, P.C., our deep familiarity with farm and ranch operations — whether held in a trust, estate, or family business — can represent a significant advantage for you.

If you are a beneficiary of oil or natural gas producing land, a trustee of real estate holdings in the Barnett Shale, or otherwise interested in pursuing an opportunity to realize the value of your subsurface resources, we invite you to contact us. We can assist with the negotiation of oil and gas leases and address a range of legal issues that land owners face. Due to the cost of representation, our firm only provides representation to owners of tracts of multiple acres of significant size, not individual owners of standard size city lots.

For more information, contact a Fort Worth oil and gas estate lawyer at Bakutis, McCully & Sawyer, P.C. in Fort Worth.

Ongoing Legal Services for Farm and Ranch Operations

Our firm provides a wide range of legal services to owners, heirs, trustees, and family business limited partnerships or limited liability companies. We strive to build lasting relationships with clients, offering our knowledge and experience to address legal matters that arise when owning oil or natural gas producing land. We can help you address the following:

  • The lessee's qualifications to develop and produce under the lease

  • Bonus and royalty terms

  • Delay rentals and liquidated damages terms

  • Limitations to the scope of the land covered under the lease

  • Limiting or prohibiting royalty deductions for the lessee's postproduction costs

  • Protecting your land's water and grazing, agricultural, or development potential

  • Legal contract review to protect your land from surface damage

  • Advice concerning pooled unit production proposals for smaller tracts

  • Terms limiting the lessee's ability to assign its rights under the lease

Whether you're dealing on your own account or in a fiduciary capacity on behalf of a trust or estate, our objective is to maximize the value of your rights under the proposed oil and gas lease while minimizing the impact of production operations on your land. We handle all mineral rights matters on an hourly fee basis, and will never request a percentage of your royalty as a part of our attorney's fee.

Contact a Texas Farm and Ranch Lawyer

Contact one of our Texas farm and ranch attorneys for additional information about our ability to represent you in an oil and gas lease transaction or related legal matter.

Please note: Our firm does not provide free advice in oil and gas legal matters.

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