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At the Fort Worth estate administration law firm of Bakutis, McCully & Sawyer, P.C., each of our partners has more than 20 years of experience with the probate of wills and administration of estates under Texas law. For more information about our ability to provide efficient, accurate, and professional probate service for an estate of any size or complexity, contact a Fort Worth probate administration lawyer at our firm.

Probate Administration Services

Our estate administration attorneys have the experience and understanding to provide representation in order for an executor or administrator to fulfill all of the basic duties under either dependent or independent probate administration:

  • Provide all statutory notices to creditors, beneficiaries and charities
  • Prepare and file estate tax returns, including election of marital deduction, special use valuation, and valuation discounts
  • Sell real property out of the estate
  • Prepare and file estate income tax returns or any accountings as required by the court
  • Complete the distribution of assets to children of the decedent and other heirs, legatees, and beneficiaries under the will, and fund any testamentary trusts

Probate litigation, working to resolve disputes and claims against the estate

Our probate attorneys also handle administration of trusts, from ensuring that all trusts are properly executed and funded, to the appointment of successor trustees, and the preparation and filing of trust tax returns.

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For further information about our ability to make the Texas probate process work as smoothly and efficiently as possible, contact a North Texas wills and estates attorney today.

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